Episode 1: ELECTRIC BLUE CREDITS with New Yorker cartoonist Joe Dator and cinephile Megan Dooley


We look at the first two minutes and thirty-seven seconds of Kubrick’s masterpiece. The music! The flying! The credits! More weird trivia than you can shake an axe at!


Download the file here: Shining Episode 1



This album was huge.



The version of the Dies Irae that inspired the opening of The Shining begins at 3:30.


Scatman Crothers in one of his most beloved roles.


“Horn.” [pause] “Toad.” (The password was “trombone.”)


He’s not actually in the opening credits, he barely says a word in the movie, but we love him anyway:  Mr. Barry Dennen.


It’s all about the music.

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