About The Shining 2:37

Every episode of The Shining 2:37 podcast will examine two minutes and thirty-seven seconds of Kubrick’s masterpiece. Lots of interesting guests and bonus website content.

Hosted by Suzen Tekla Kruglnska, a writer, editor and researcher with a background in radio and mental healthcare. She has worked with Discover Magazine, The New York Times, WFMU, WFUV, KOOP, and a wide variety of non-profits.

Please contact via the podcast Twitter page, Facebook page, or sakrug at aol.com.


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AV Club: The guests are in fact stellar…Kruglnska does a wonderful job of steering this ship and defending the often maligned character of Wendy Torrance.

AV Club (one year later): Kruglnska’s love for her subject matter is clear, from her ongoing dedication to the podcast’s concept to her in-depth conversations with her guests and extensive background knowledge of the film’s production. The Shining 2:37 is a must-listen for die-hard fans.

 The Celluloid Void: If it’s attention to detail you seek, look no further than THE SHINING 2:37, a truly fantastic podcast in which host Suzen Tekla Kruglnska examines a new two minutes and 37 seconds of the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece each episode with a new guest along for the ride…

The New York Times: What we’re listening to: Our culture editor, Gilbert Cruz, writes: “If you know a little about Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror classic, you know that Room 237 is where the really bad things happen in the Overlook Hotel. This podcast offers the deepest of dives.”

The Source Weekly: The Shining 2:37 will make you remember how brutally cold it seemed at the Overlook Hotel…If you’re as fascinated by Stanley Kubrick and all of the conspiracy theories surrounding the film, then you’ll get sucked into this with no problem.